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At present, the lending of individuals to banks is at an extremely low level. The vast majority of customers refuse to lend through enhanced verification rules. In this situation, alternative sources of financing began to grow in demand, among which a loan from a private person was issued. This method of lending is beneficial to both parties to the transaction: the borrower relatively cheaply receives money, and the lender makes a profitable investment of capital.

Get a Affordable Private Money Loan from a private person on a receipt – risks and benefits

The profitability of loans is determined by the ratio of the cost of their services and the benefits derived from borrowed money. Borrowing money on receipt, the borrower goes to certain risks, receiving the necessary funds in return.

The risks inherent in this type of lending include:

  • a large number of crooks in the market. Before choosing a company or individual who is going to take a loan, you need to approach very seriously;
  • small amounts and terms of loans granted;
  • a large range of value changes. Depending on the company, the value of the loan under the receipt may vary from 2-3% to 9-10% per month.

The advantages of this type of loans include the following:

  • quick decision making on the application;
  • minimal package of documents (most often only passport is required);
  • This type of lending does not affect credit history. For a private lender, your relationship with banks is not important;
  • great variation of contract terms. It is much easier to negotiate with an individual or a financial company than with a bank. For example, in the company “Gold Eagle Capital” you can specify each item of the contract: interest rate, schedule of payments, terms, etc.;
  • no hidden commissions. In this type of lending, or even due to another, only the interest rate is used and the borrower knows exactly how much and when he has to pay.

In terms of the ratio of the value and benefits of a loan from a private person on a receipt is one of the most optimal products in the financial market.

Credit on receipt: how to choose?

There is a mistaken view that the lender can only be a lender by the injured party. In practice, there are often cases where the unscrupulous fulfillment of obligations by the lender causes financial or reputational harm to the borrower. In order to avoid this situation, it is necessary to follow several rules of choosing a lender:

  • do not agree to sign an agreement specifying the need for prepayment. This is one of the main signs of fraud by the lender;
  • carefully read the documents and specify the details. They determine the terms of your loan and often pay a carelessness;
  • Avoid risky obligations that do not correlate with the loan amount. The commitments you make should directly correlate with the amount of the loan; require that each of your debt payments is documented. The easiest way is to take a receipt from the lender about the funds received.

The right choice of a private lender is an important step in designing profitable credit relations. “Gold Eagle Capital” is one of the most reliable lenders in the area of lending by mortgage from a private person on a receipt. By choosing, you get a stable reputable partner offering favorable conditions for all participants in the deal.

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